Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Today is christmas eve, i was going through glitter and graphics to get a new background for my page and i came across these pictures of animals being abused saying to stop animal abuse. And i am an animal lover... so i thought of letting people know by posting some of this pictures... if you do too you could be saving many lives as well. So i clicked on one of the pictures and it surprised me so much what i read.
CHECK IT OUT it was from an 11 YEAR OLD!!
Please read what she wrote...it almost made me cry. I'm glad there is people like her in this world, because that's what we need, people that care about doing good. She goes by the name lemon juice her name is Shandi

lemonjuice writes:AWWW i begg my parents all the time to help a animal in need but no we alredy have 2 cats they must be heartless if u abuse animals u should feel like crap i am almost in tears when i whatch animal cops and see animals being abused or suffering from no food or dehidating they dont do anything wrong ppl take there anger out on poor defincless animals they have a heart 2 and they feel pains one day i hope they feel the guilt and feel real bad and think back on what theve done but then it's 2 late to to tell the animals sorry cos theve already suffred from all of the abuse how could u go on about ur day without caring about somthing u did they desrve to live as much as we do God dident put them here to be hurt. i am 11 dosent madder what age u are u can make a diffrence i care to much for animals to watch them suffer cos animals are living creaturs too and they surly dont desrve it you can make a diffrence.not helping is the same as abusing!

I also watch animal planet...and it is sad to see what happens to them. And it does hurt me.
I am really happy to hear that this little girl cares.
Please spread the word about animal abuse. Remember that you might be saving many lives.

Thank You