Thursday, October 23, 2008

First attempt with the sewing machine

Tell me if these colors are too crazy together.. i used them because the paper was supposed to.


As you can see in the next picture i didn't do so good on the bottom of my card... but hey ... you learn making mistakes.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Craft Room in progress


Ok this is my craftroom.... i shoot this at 3 am so there is not a lot of light.
There is another bookshelf coming.
I have to paint all the bookshelfs white. There is a big heavy lovely painting my mom did for me that has to go above my desk. My mom is an artist. She paints.
And i still have other things that need to come out and put up. But i'll do that later.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My little sewing machine....


Never thought i would own a sweing machine.
I had a really bad experience when i was around 7 with a heavy duty one.
My grandma had a few sewing machines and we were working with a metal one.
The sewing machine fell on my finger. It was sharp and really heavy.

I was really scared. My finger looked really bad.It was open!!!
I got five stiches. And ever since that happened I've never liked them.
I hated the noise they make, didn't like to look at them.
Just knew i woud never sew.

But earlier this year... i was in a fabric store with mom i was buying ribbon, she was looking at other stuff.
And i saw that little sewing machine in the display. My mom talked me into it.
I gave every excuse not to get it. but...


That sewing machine said "Perfect for crafts". It was little and cute.
And it had a really good price. Because the store was going out of business.
And it was the last one there.
My mom told me it was a good brand.
I bought it, and yesterday my mom was teaching me how to use it.
Let's see how much i do with this.
I just bought it to use on my cards.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yummy addition!


This card is for one of my friends from church. Her name is Emily. She just found out she is having TWINS!!
I wonder what that's like...
I've just heard that's a lot of work.
I'm sorry i haven't been posting as often. I've been trying to take some italian classes. So hopefully i'll be speaking italian fluently here soon! lol
I Speak spanish fluently, italian is somewhat similar, in grammar and such. So hopefully i'll be able to do good.
I also want to learn French, Portugese and Japanese. But don't want to start on those until i am able to carry on full conversations in italian. So i have a ton of work ahead of me.
Alright then i'll try to get busy with the christmas cards... and post them.
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