Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My little sewing machine....


Never thought i would own a sweing machine.
I had a really bad experience when i was around 7 with a heavy duty one.
My grandma had a few sewing machines and we were working with a metal one.
The sewing machine fell on my finger. It was sharp and really heavy.

I was really scared. My finger looked really bad.It was open!!!
I got five stiches. And ever since that happened I've never liked them.
I hated the noise they make, didn't like to look at them.
Just knew i woud never sew.

But earlier this year... i was in a fabric store with mom i was buying ribbon, she was looking at other stuff.
And i saw that little sewing machine in the display. My mom talked me into it.
I gave every excuse not to get it. but...


That sewing machine said "Perfect for crafts". It was little and cute.
And it had a really good price. Because the store was going out of business.
And it was the last one there.
My mom told me it was a good brand.
I bought it, and yesterday my mom was teaching me how to use it.
Let's see how much i do with this.
I just bought it to use on my cards.

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