Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok I was watching Animal Planet today.
I love to watch DOG 101 to learn about the different dog breeds.
Anyway today on one of the shows they were talking about the breed AKITA.
And I heard a story that brought me to tears... seriously. If you watch this you would know why.

The story takes place in Japan 1920's. An akita dog(Hachiko) was purchased by a professor.
Hachiko accompanies his master to the train station every day and returns each afternoon to greet him after work. It was a ritual for a year and a half. But when the professor passes away (1924), Hachiko faithfully returns to the same spot at the station every day for almost 10 years to wait for his beloved master.
Then he finaly died in the train station waiting for him.

I did some reasearch and found this video in Youtube it helps you see what's going on.

In Japan they have a bronze statue of him and in the train station paintings on the wall of him.They are also coming out with a movie.
If you watched the video let me know what you think.

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